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elected sites on the liver of anesthetized mice to prepare for transplanting cells into the organs. The electric pulses scul▓pted out the needed pocket without harming vital structures between cells called the extracellular matrix, which provid?/p> een used f

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坋s support critical for the new cells to s▓urvive.The IRE procedure triggers minimal inflammation and scarring in treated tissues, a major reason why new cells can become established."Inflammation normally produces▓ scar tissue as part of the healing process, and thi

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s environment is hostile to new cells," Chang was quoted as saying in a ne▓ws release from UCSF. "We found that at certain settings, IRE can kill organ cells without inducing inflammation, leaving behind an environment ▓- a niche - friendly for n

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ew cells to set up shop. We believe that establishing thi▓s niche is essential for new cells to engraft efficiently."After using IRE to create the hospitable niche in the mouse li▓vers, Chang transplanted clusters of liver cells, or hepatocytes, int▓o the space. The hepatocy

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tes established healthy colonies, still present two weeks la▓ter.The IRE pre-treatment improved engraftment of transplanted cells compared to no IRE treatment, Chang found.Fully d

eveloped, the te▓chnique could be used as a minimally inv▓asive stem cell transplantation procedure to regenerate organs comprom

▓ised by defects in specific types of ce▓lls, such as in end-stage liver, kidney, heart and lung diseases▓.However, "Our research is in its early stage," Chang noted. "We've shown we c▓a


n create the hospitable environment for new cells. Full demonstration of the pro▓cedure's value will be when we can introduce ▓stem cells to r

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estore function to diseased livers and other organs."Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow


us on WechatNothing c▓an be more heartbreaking for

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a famil▓y than when their child goes missing.New▓ technologies give hope to missing children's familiesNew technologies give hope to missing children's


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